10 Credit Card Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Card Safe

Since the world is getting cashless, people like using plastic currency more than cash. Using plastic currencies is way more trusted and reliable than making transactions in cash. Why? Because it is quick, efficient, easy, and safe. Wait, safe? Is it really safe?

Well, honestly, great things come with responsibilities. If you are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of advancement, you need to take enough safety measures to keep it safe.

There is no doubt in the fact that credit cards are safe and reliable mode of payment. But it can be misused easily if you don’t take proper measures to keep it secured, safe. So here, we are going to discuss the 10 credit card safety tips to keep your card safe.

1. Always keep your card with you

always keep your card with you

Starting from the most generic yet important tip to keep your credit card safe, no matter what, you should keep your credit card with you.

No matter how trusted the person seems to be, do not hand over your credit card to them. Half of the things will get easier if you start keeping your card with you always.

2. Sign at the back and keep a strong PIN

sign at the back and keep a strong pin

When you get a new card, you must do a signature on the back of the card. If you do that, you will be able to protect the card even if it gets stolen. It is highly recommended to do that, so please ensure that you do not miss the step.

Also, make sure that you turn on the suspicious activity alerts, and by doing that, you will get an update whenever something suspicious (something that is not common) happens.

When it comes to selecting a password, you must ensure that you make a strong and non-catchy password for your credit card account. Most people use the same password for all their banking accounts.

However, do not do that. It can lead to account hacking. If available, go for multi-factor authentication.

Talking about the selection of PIN, please make sure that you never choose something that is guessable. By saying that, we mean it should not be something related to you like your birth date, birth year, or your lucky digits.

Since these numbers can be tracked easily, try to keep something that has no connection to you.

3. Keep changing your PIN

keep changing your pin

As said in the above point, credit card PIN is a highly important factor in ensuring the safety of your card, and hence, we recommend you to keep changing the PIN timely.

You do not need to change it every month or so. But changing your PIN every 6 months can protect your credit card for sure.

Also, do not ever share your PIN with anyone. You might get many calls from some frauds who claim to be the bank representative. But remember nobody (including the bank staff) will ever ask for your PIN. So never share it.

4. Keep in touch with your bank

keep in touch with your bank

You need to update everything that is important to your bank. E.g., if you are moving somewhere else, then information like your new address should be updated timely in your bank else; the bills and letters from the bank can be misused.

Also, do sign up for the alerts with your bank and make sure that you are sharing your current phone number and email address so that the alerts will be reached to you only. There are many options to get updated from the bank.

So choose the one which you use the most. E.g., if you are quick with text messages, then choose it over an email.

Similarly, in case of theft or misplacement of your credit card, you need to contact your bank and inform them. For contacting them, you can do it via online banking, phone call, ATM, or at branch whatever is convenient for you.

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5. Keep an eye on your monthly statement

keep an eye on your monthly statement

Another important tip is to keep an eye on your monthly credit card statement. Most people leave that part, and this can lead to some major issues. So do not do that.

Make sure that you check the statement every month and check if all those transactions mentioned are done by you or not.

Ensure that you do not miss any transaction which is suspicious or isn’t done by you. Apart from that, always check all those SMS alerts you get from your bank about credit card transactions. They are not spamming messages; they are important.

6. Do not use your card on suspicious sites

do not use your card on suspicious sites

There are many websites and even apps available on the internet, which are not just safe. You can not trust them, and hence, we recommend you not to use your credit card on any such website or an app that looks suspicious to you.

If you are not sure about any particular website or a shopping app, then go through the reviews of the same before making any transaction using your card.

One more tip is to notice if the website link of any shopping site contains https:// and not http://. If it is the one given here, it will tell you that it is a secure server that can be trusted.

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7. Never disclose your credit card details

never disclose your credit card details

Most people write their PIN or maybe the passwords they use in some notepad or in a sheet. But do not do that even if you are using your phone to note that it is not safe.

No matter who the person is, do not disclose your credit card details to them. Also, if you are still getting the statements through the post, then getting it online via email is always a better idea, and it will also help in keeping the data safe with you because if someone else gets your letter, they may misuse it.

8. Secure the card details

secure the card details

Whenever you use your credit card in any online site, you will find the option of saving the details for the next time. And most people do that because they do not want to keep adding the card number again and again.

But this can be dangerous for your credit card and also, the information can easily be taken from the site. And just in case if you are using any digital wallet, make sure that your phone is password protected.

Also, make sure that you do not use your credit card or shop from it online by using public Wi-Fi. Since it is not safe and anyone can view the information, you must not do it.

9. Don’t fall for fake calls/emails

do not fall for fake calls

You will be getting many fake calls and promotional emails which will give you some specific coupons, and that may look tempting to you at that time. However, it is not safe at all.

Just do not fall for those calls and spam emails. You may feel that they are reliable since they are emailing you or calling you on the same number, which is registered in your bank, but no, it is not safe. They hack the data and call people for trapping them. Do not fall for it.

10. Use eWallet apps for safety

use ewallet apps for safety

Many eWallet apps are very secure, and you can use it without a doubt. Apps such as PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, or any other reliable wallet can be used as a protection.

For this, you must use the app for adding the money in it, and once you do it, you can pay to the other sites you wanted to. By doing this, you will be able to keep your credit card details safe with your trusted apps, and you also can make the transactions easily without any worry.

So these were the 10 best credit card safety tips that can keep your credit card safe. If you think we have missed something, please let us know in the comment section given below. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us over the same.